The voice of the majority Prostitution - We Don’t Buy It is asking us to raise our voices – to make a stand against prostitution and sex trafficking We have all heard the stories of the stag weekend, the business trip, the massage. And we’ve laughed. Doesn’t matter if they’re true or not. The truth is the vast majority of Irish men have never bought or paid for sex. And we never will. End of story. Because that’s not who we are.  
The stories we tell ourselves Every day, all across the island of Ireland, vulnerable woman are trafficked and forced into prostitution simply because of the lies we tell ourselves, the myths we pretend are true and the awkward justifications we allow ourselves to believe. The truth is prostitution cheapens men and enslaves women – and the only people to really profit are criminal gangs. So let’s be honest. Prostitution ruins lives. And we know it does. So no more excuses.
Most Men Don't Buy Sex