Prostitution – We Don’t Buy It

Add your voice to campaign.
  • Let your family and friends know where you stand.
  • Show your sons and brothers what kind of man you are.
  • Show the women in your life where you draw the line.
  • Show the many vulnerable women who are trafficked, beaten and enslaved into prostitution that you do not condone or support their treatment.

Raise your voice.

Raise your voice. Here are three simple things you can do.

1. SHARE THIS MESSAGE. Share this message on Facebook. Like our Facebook page. Change your profile. Share the campaign on Twitter. Don’t forget to use #wedontbuyit.

2. TALK TO EACH OTHER. Discuss prostitution and our attitudes towards it with your friends and family. Particularly the other men in your life. Talk to your son, your brother, your father. Prostitution and the myths that support it thrive in the shadows. So lets bring it back out into the open.

3. BE HONEST. We don’t have to laugh at the stag party jokes or pretend we believe the all tales we are told. The vast majority of men have never bought or paid for sex. And we never will. So lets be honest with each other. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Be a role model.